Dear Pilgrim Family,
As Holy Week is approaching, I have made some tactical decisions, which I would like to explain. This week is a Communion Week and I have decided to have communion via the Facebook & YouTube feed. This will require you to bring your own wine and bread. You will also get to bread the bread, pour the wine and consecrate the elements with me. Purists would have a difficult time with this but given the circumstances this is the best way for us to be at the Lord's Table together.

I know a variety of churches are doing different things but celebrating communion and Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday virtually are what I believe are in the best interest of Pilgrim, and the whole Fond du Lac community.

I find Staying-at-home a difficult thing. I know that I must model the behavior that I believe will bring healing and wholeness to the Fond du Lac and Wisconsin Community. I also know that I am not alone. In fact the whole world going through this with us. So we are not alone in this but we separate together.

This week we will worship at 9 a.m. on both Facebook video and YouTube.
Facebook link:
Youtube Link:

If you subscribe to my channel then it will make it easier for me to continue to do this.
Or use the links below.
If you do not have Facebook, YouTube should be an easier user experience.

What you will need for worship this Sunday is a candle, you will need to bring wine and bread for communion. You can use whatever "wine and bread" you like for that experience. We will do it together.

I have Palm Crosses in a basket by the front door of Pilgrim so you can get. Jill and I thought these would be great because they can be used for a bookmark or have a devotional use all year long.
Maundy Thursday - I will be posting a worship experience for Maundy Thursday
Good Friday - I will be posting a worship experience for Good Friday also.

This Sunday we will have virtual coffee hour again. It is the same code to get in. Here is the link: 

I am posting reflections on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I will be reading and reflecting on the book The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. They will be short reflections. This book is really fun. Now if folks want to get together and talk about it . . . We could do a discussion group. Maybe at Bagels time (Wednesday at 9 a.m.). If this sounds at all interesting email, call, text me to let me know if you are interested.

These Days Devotionals are outside by the front door of church if you want to pick one up.

Monday, April 6, Jean Wright is going to teach Virtual Yoga at 9AM. the zoom link is: 

Copy the link to you web browser and hopefully poof . .. you can see Jean for the Yoga Class and see some friends.

We are trying to find ways for us to connect.

One last thing . . . since we can't leave our homes. It would be very helpful if members could continue to give by mailing in their pledge envelopes or checks. Many peoples financial and employment situation has changed dramatically in the past week or so. We understand that life is unpredictable and situations change so some will not be able to continue to donate to Pilgrim. Others on the other hand may be in a situation where they can pay more. That would be appreciated.

Stay well, stay safe and Stay Home!!

Grace and Peace



Wisconsin Department of Health:



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