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Bible with Bagels meets in the Church Lounge on Wednesdays from 9:00-10:30, with coffee and light refreshments.


Bible with Bagels

The IntimateMerton

His Life from His Journals

Mar. 4 - Apr. 8

Leaders:  Pastor Ted and Peg Bradley


   In this diary-like memoir, composed of his most poignant and insightful journal entries, The Intimate Merton lays bare the steep ways of Thomas Merton’s spiritual path.  Culled from the seven volumes of his personal journals, this is truly an intimate look at Thomas Merton’s everyday life and thoughts.  His descriptions of nature are exquisite and reinforce for us the oneness of all creation. We are also introduced to the difficulties faced by those living the monastic life, which are not so different from our own.  Recounting Merton’s earliest days in the monastery to his journey east to meet the Dalai Lama, The Intimate Merton reveals a life lived in continuous pursuit of meaning, equanimity, and love.


Pastor Ted and Peg have both made retreats to the Abbey of Gethsemani where Merton lived as a monk.  They will share some of their experiences of this holy place. 


Mar. 4    The Story of a Vocation, 1939-1941

Mar. 11   Becoming a Monk & Writer, 1941-1952

Mar. 18   Pursuing the Monk’s True Life, 1952-1959 CANCELED

Mar. 25   The Pivotal Years, 1960-1963 CANCELED

Apr. 1      Seeking Peace in the Hermitage, 1963-1965 

Apr. 8      Exploring Solitude & Freedom, 1966-1967

               The End of the Journey, 1967-1968