Sunday Forum
10:15 AM - Lounge

Adult Forum is held Sunday mornings from 10:15-11:15 in the Church Lounge.


September 24,
Diana Tscheschlok as she leads a discussion on White Privilege in the third of our four-week series from the book Waking Up White. Being "a good person" doesn't make white people immune from racism. Understanding whiteness as both a cultural framework and the backbone of racial oppression in the United States opens the door for us to stop participating unintentionally in racist systems. Based on the book sections "Icebergs" (p. 63-68), "Invisibility" (p. 69-74), "My Good People" (p. 95-99),


October 1,
Diana Tscheschlok concludes her series from the book Waking Up White with Becoming a Racial Justice Advocate. Fears about being racist, insulting someone, or making things worse can prevent us from taking any positive action. We'll think through strategies and mindsets that help white people get comfortable in the discomfort and joy of racial justice work. Based on the book sections "Zap" (p. 75-81), "Logos and Stereotypes" (p. 86-91), and "Color-Blind" (p. 100-102), photocopies of these selections and those of the whole series are available.


October 8
Begins a four-part series on Resilience. Anne Dickey introduces the series on Resilience with Spiritual and Personal Sources of Resilience, drawing on James and Evelyn Whitehead;'s new book The Virtue of Resilience.


October 15
Sister Patrice Rog of the Sisters of St. Agnes continues to explore The Virtue of Resilience with Forms of Resilience, Social, Civic, Military, and Spiritual


October 22,
Sister Patrice Rog shares about Developing and Practicing Lifelong Resilience.


October 29th,
Dr. Matthew Doll, a psychologist with Agnesian Health, caps off our study of Resilience with his talk, Adverse Childhood Experiences and Resilience.