Property & Maintenance

Property & Maintenance Report 2017

Tom Kirchhoff
Pete Tadych
Bob Cornell
Dan Schmid
Jeff Siemers
Neal Sieglaff

A. Emergency repair to the flat roof portion of the roof
B. Numerous plumbing repairs (women’s toilet, outside hose faucets, etc.)
C. Light at lawn sign replaced with LED fixture
D. LED lamp installed at old entrance (Southwest entrance)
E. Parking lot lamps replaced with LED fixtures
F. All outside light timers replaced with dusk to dawn sensors
G. Main gas service to the building was brought up to code (alley)
H. Large garage thoroughly de-cluttered, re-arranged and cleaned
I. Removed clutter from furnace rooms, code issue (75% complete)
J. Removed clutter from utility room
K. Removed dead tree next to bell tower
L. Fixed some siding on large garage
M. Re-located thermostat from old office (Southern-most room along western wall, to hallway)
Unplanned expenses:
Items a to f above were unplanned and are largely responsible for exceeding the Property and Maintenance budget. We took
advantage of making upgrades when repairs or related work was required. As a result, for the first time in many years, we now have more than one operational outside water faucet. For many years, half of the bulbs in the parking lot appeared to be burned out but in reality, they were disconnected to save on electricity costs. Replacing the flat roof means all three roof sections of the church building have recently been replaced (sanctuary, angled roof education wing and flat roof education wing).

Approximate expenses were as follows:
Roofing $14,210
Plumbing $ 850
Electrical $ 2,850
Total approx. $18,000


Tom Kirchhoff
January 18, 2018
Property & Maintenance Report 2017