Pilgrim Green Team

The Green Team will hold Pilgrim UCC accountable to our commitment to care for the environment. Working together with the Property and Maintenance Ministry, this team will advocate for best practices that will be used as an educational tool to inspire responsible choices in our homes and institutions. The Green Team will advocate for study and worship, encouraging advocacy on behalf of climate justice, and helping our church find and connect with partners who share this common concern and commitment. Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle!

Current members include: Tracy Abler, Peg Bradley, Barb Roder, Gary Ring, Rachael Wichihowski, Diana Beck and Pete Vercouteren. We are grateful to have Pastor Rob active on the team as well. We have started exploring the process of becoming a Creation Justice Church within the UCC and looking for other church members to join us by sharing their time, talents and passion. As one of the UCC’s eight Just World Covenant Programs, Creation Justice Churches guide congregations in discerning how they can best embody a commitment to care for God’s creation.

Pilgrim UCC has a long-time commitment to care for creation and environment as a priority.  We have installed our Solar Panels to decrease use of electric energy, replaced light fixtures with LED lights, and utilize energy saving materials whenever possible.

Our Church Rummage Sale helps reuse and recycle household and clothing items.  Other areas to consider are; printer ink cartridge collection; provided website links to recycling opportunities; and community involvement with agencies like Sustain Fond du Lac. Have a representative from our church join the UCC’s Council for Climate Justice. The Council meets via Zoom six times a year on the first Wednesday of every other month. Anyone from the UCC can join, and it is a great way to learn what fresh initiatives are happening in other parts of the UCC.

Helpful Green links:

From the National UCC on Green Team tips – https://www.ucc.org/…/green_team_tips
Fond du Lac Recycling – www.fdl.wi.gov/public-works/solid-waste/

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