Sunday Forum
10:15 AM - Lounge

Sunday Forum is held Sunday mornings from 10:15-11:15 in the Church Lounge. The First Sunday of each month is the whole church Coffee Hour during this time slot and the rest of the Sundays have programming.


March 3:  Coffee Hour

Marching from Pain to Possibility

March 10 - March 31

Presenter:  Ted Drewsen

March 10:  Surrendering to Pain:  Clinical psychologist and contemplative, James Finley, shares about how pain brings us into a space of renewal and rebirth.

March 17:  Giving Voice to Pain:  How can we give voice to our pain?  Hebrew scholar, Walter Brueggemann and community organizer, Peter Block engage in a dialogue regarding the management of pain by "empires" and corporate systems.

March 24 - Unmasking the Scapegoat: theologian James Alison shows how communal anxiety to be like each other is poured out on scapegoats in our society, leading to the creation of wounded people.

March 31 - Forming a Community out of Woundedness: Theologian, David Ford, narrates a community built upon the disabled and dejected of the world.


Pain proposes perplexing questions: What is the meaning of pain? How can I survive it? What do I do with it? However, Lent offers a way of grappling with the unintelligibility of pain; it invites us to look at our lives and our deepest longings for healing, restoration, and fulfillment.


This video series is an invitation to enter into a journey of making sense of our deepest desires that comes from pain and woundedness. This time together will offer ways to reflect and find that place of pain, and at the same time, that place of wholeness and healing. Practices will be suggested as invitations to examine both our wounds and the wounds of others and see how we might bring peace and healing. The desert is a place void of easy fixes, but it can also be where we find who we truly are.