Sunday Forum
10:15 AM - Lounge

Sunday Forum is held Sunday mornings from 10:15-11:15 in the Church Lounge. The First Sunday of each month is the whole church Coffee Hour during this time slot and the rest of the Sundays have programming.

Sep 1 Coffee Hour

Sep 8 Rally Sunday/Pancake Breakfast


Sep 15 Wendell Berry on Faith and Stewardship

Leader:  Dr. Jeffrey Filipiak - UW Oshkosh

Wendell Berry is a novelist, poet, farmer, and environmental writer and activist. He has published over fifty books, including over twenty-five books of poetry, sixteen essay collections, and eight novels.  He is the recipient of many awards including the National Humanities Medal which he received from President Obama in 2010.

Sep 22 Pictorial History of Pilgrim UCC

Leader:  Chris Frederick

Explore the history of your church through a collection of pictures and photographs.

Sep 29 Nuns on the Bus Part & Gaps in the Road - Part II

Leaders:  Sister Julie Ann & Sister Clare

Nuns on the Bus is a Catholic advocacy group in the United States. Their name comes from the fact that they tour the country on a bus. Led by Sister Simone Campbell, they place emphasis on the church's long-standing commitment to social justice. Their 2018 Tax Justice Truth Tour focused on “reasonable revenue for responsible programs.”