9:00 AM Worship

Bad Weather Sunday?

If the weather is bad on Sunday, any cancellation will be on KFIZ radio (AM 1450) (also www.kfiz.com). 

We will also post it on Facebook. 
We will try to make the determination  early on Sunday morning.

9:00 AM Worship service – Masks as needed for safety  please – LIVE stream on YouTube.

10:15 Christian Education (Sunday School and Sunday Forum)

Join us for worship and Sunday morning forum. Sunday School for pre-K through Senior in High School.


Hearing Loop

T-coilPIC Pilgrim Church
Now has a Hearing Loop for hearing aid users in the Sanctuary!!!!
How does it work?
What is a Hearing Loop &

Hearing Loops broadcast sound from the PA system wirelessly to hearing aids equipped with telecoils (T-coils). Users report they hear the spoken word much easier and without background noise.

Do you use hearing aids?

If you wear hearing aids you need to find out if your instruments have this wireless receiver called a telecoil or T-coil. The telecoil program is accessed by pushing a button on the hearing aid or smart phone. This T-coil program must be activated by your audiologist. Talk to your hearing aid provider to find out if your instruments can have both a T (no background noise pick-up) and an M+T program (blended microphone & T-coil program) to hear well at our church.

Hearing loops improve hearing aids

While hearing aids have much improved in the last decade, they do not restore hearing to normal especially in large venues and churches. Hearing loops help overcome this problem by broadcasting clear sound without background noise to hearing aids.
No hearing aids but own an iPhone?

By using LoopBuds (T-coil headphones) and a free app, you will be able to hear every word in church.

For questions about hearing aids and telecoils talk to your provider or contact:
Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD – Loop Advocate

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